Things I have Learnt This Week (50)

NSOutlineView and Deficient RSS in Hugo

NSOutlineView and It’s Data Structure

I’m jumping through what feels like daft hoops to get Swift to cast Any to something sensible for the NSOutlineViewDataSource. Any doesn’t have the nice isKind(of:) methods that I’d use in Objective-C. Having a data structure with mixed data, String and a CoreData object it’s messy. I’ll have to come back and fix this later. Working is better than not, even if it is inefficient.

I realise that progress marches to it’s own beat. Often with Swift I’m trying to get the language to play nice with the frameworks. It’s a shame - but maybe with SwiftUI things will be easier.

Hugo and RSS

It seems that Hugo only ships with the summary in RSS feeds - that seems a shame. From a quick google it seems as if there isn’t a simple way to fix this. I don’t particularly want to become a Hugo developer - but it seems as if you do need to get fairly involved with the CMS to get what you want out of it.