I'm John Nye, half of Nimbleworks where I get to play with mobiles and build things.


Since striking out on my own in 2009 I've switched from web development to mobile development and back a few times. My go to languages are Objective-C and PHP, yes it has a bad reputation but modern PHP is not what you think it is.

I'm currently enjoying go-lang and a bit of node.js while working on LaaS. All while being constantly impressed by Elasticsearch.

At NimbleWorks I get to indulge myself and build Mac, iOS and web applications for fun and profit.



Simulator Folders

Simulator Folders is a simple menu bar application that get you to the iOS simulators folders quickly, avoiding the mire of hashed folder names.

It's free and installable through cask with brew cask install simulator-folders or downloading it.


LaaS offers a hosted solution for your normal ELK stack, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. We take the pain out of running another stack justfor log agregation.

Work Journal

Work Journal is a Mac application to keep track of what you do every day. Think of it as the revers todo list, or done list.

I'm currently working on some ambitious features for Work Journal.


Other projects and experiments can be found either on my github page or the NimbleWorks page

Site Audit

Site Audit is a proof of concept website content audit tool. Written as a Sinatra app that scans sites for content and exports to CSV for content professionals to analyse.


Short is a link shortener written in Go, which is a pretty nice language. You can see it in action at rdhq.co.

The link shortner is a backed by Redis and uses a cut down implementation of base62 encoding to shorten links



I co-host Exeter Web a bi-monthly meetup for people working in or around the web in Devon. Apart from stepping up to fill a speaking slot when we're short, I occasionaly speak at other events in the South West.

Title Date Links
An Introduction to Asible Exeter Introduces March 2014 Booking Link
Online Payments in the UK Exeter Web June 2013 Slides
Responsible Responsive Testing Digpen V September 2012 Slides Video
i18n - It's Easy Exeter Web June 2012 Slides


Hencedigital is the home of my ramblings, however I also occasionaly contribute to the following sites.


Half baked drivel is available as @john_nye on Twitter or App.net.

Words and Technologies

Here is a collection of words and technologies that I've implied, but not exlicitly stated, it might help if you're matching requirements.

PHP5, MVC, OOP, TDD, Agile, Elasticsearch, HTML, CSS, Javascript, node.js, go-lang